Thursday, December 10, 2009

In with the Magic, Out with the ...CLIQ

So, yesterday I went and returned my horrible Motorola Cliq android phone. If you want a phone that is loaded with crap that you don't need buy the cliq. I seriously thought it was a windows mobile phone it was so locked down. Since when is it hard to HACK/ROOT AN OPEN SOURCE CODE?!?! WOW.

So, i took it back and got the Black MyTouch3g aka HTC Magic, its the lil' brother to the HTC Hero, I see it as my baby iPhone!

I can't give much details as i've had this for less than 12 hours, so far it's awesome and destroys the cliq. Not having a physical keyboard is okay as this screen is larger, thus making the keyboard larger on screen.

It feels more like plastic vs. the titanium casing of the cliq, but then again that made the cliq weigh almost an ounce more, which is a lot in phone weight.

So far so good with the Magic, stay tuned.


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